Talon excel wheels 17 x 3.5 Front, 17 x 4.25 Back Gold talon hubs, gold excel rims, spokes and nipples in red. These wheels are in absolutely stunning condition, we could almost describe these as new !!!. They have the red nipples which unlike the nickel ones don't rust; we don't think you'll ever come across a set of used wheels in this condition again.
Gold Talon wheels with stainless spokes, these are brand new and come with new tyres totally immaculate, supplied with rotors if required.
Black DID rims, black hubs with very heavy gauge spokes. The hubs and rims have been drilled to take heavier gauge spokes, afterwards they are powder coated. Front 21" x 160 ~ Back 18" x 215
Black DID rims these are powder coated, same heavy gauge spokes, hubs in silver/grey. front 21" x 160 ~ Back 18" x 215
Genuine Paris Dakar wheels, these are ex Mick Exstence. Excel rims, standard hubs, just been re-spoked. Perfect heavy duty enduro wheels. Front 21" x 160 ~ Back 18" x 215

Front Paris Dakar wheel, excel rim, talon hub, stainless spokes. Good condition. 21 x 160

Front 19" x 2.5" Flat Track/Adventurer wheel, Talon Gold Hub. Black Excel rim. This is a perfect touring front wheel. Ecepts all the Adventurer/Trail Touring tyres like the TCK 80. This wheel is very stable at high speed and also capable of off road as well
We also have five sets of standard back wheels, would have to grade them as very good to new condition. Front 21" x 160 ~ Back 18" x 215
Two other sets of Excel rims with Talon hubs, both sets Black/Gold. One set Enduro size Front 21 x 160. Back 18 x 215. One set SuperMoto size Front 17" x 3.5 ~ Back 17" x 4.25
These wheels have standard centres, complete with very heavy gauge spokes, powder coated rims, these are built to Paris Dakar standards.
We can have these SuperMoto wheels made in any size or colour. The ones in the picture were made for 1 of our own bikes; these use the lightest strongest rims available and they are anodised not the usual powder coated. We chose gold hubs, stainless HD spokes for heavy duty, gold nipples these don't rust (about time) and black rims. You can't have this set because they're ours but if you give me a ring and tell me what spec you would like we'll get back to you with a price.

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