Chains & Sprockets
Rear Sprockets

The Inner Ring is high a strength Ultra-light 7075-T6 Aluminium. The outer tooth ring is Electro-less Nickel Coated Carbon Steel. This will typically last 3 times longer than an aluminium sprocket but has the benefits of being half the weight of steel. The tooth ring is pressed onto the inner ring with a 200 tons and 6T9 stainless steel rivets inserted, creating an indestructible forged bond. We can supply these in standard sizes 48,46,44,42,40 teeth to cover everything from Enduro to SuperMoto.

Front Sprockets

Front Sprockets made by Renthal, Talon & WMP in 13,14,15 Teeth, these are all good quality sprockets, we have sizes to suit all SuperMoto and Enduro. We don't stock 16 tooth sprockets because they run to close to the casings so there is more chance of causing damage.

Drive Chains

WRP Gold Professional O Ring Racing Chain 520 x 120 Links, this is one of the best chains on the market. It is a full blown racing chain same as used in British Super Bike teams, top Enduro teams, Dakar teams and on FireBlades, R1's and GSX's. We don't stock cheap poor quality chains because if the chain snaps it can cause a 1000 worth of damage. Sometimes it makes more sense to buy the best. Comes with both links.

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