Braking & Brakes

XR650R Braking Components, all these parts are to improve the braking which is one of the XR's few weak points. 

Braided Hoses with fitting kit gives better feel through the lever, takes the spongy feel away. Come in White Blue Yellow or Red

Stainless Steel Brake Pins lets the pads slide for more efficiently. 8mm hexagon heads make changing the pads a snip.

Brake Pads sintered metal hard one of the best pads you can buy.

320 Wavy Discs and Talon Caliper Converter for the guys who like standing it up on it's nose.

We also stock a few second hand discs... Braking, Talon, Wavy and Round along with a few stock parts

Braking & Brakes Braking & Brakes Braking & Brakes Braking & Brakes
Braking 270mm floating disc conversion kit. This comes with floating 270 disc, calliper converter, pads and all parts needed to fit. Rear Braking wavy disc, probably the best after market disc around and looks fantastic to. We also have the new 320 calliper converters in stock.
Talon 320mm Caliper Bracket

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