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This bike started off in 2001 as a Monnier MXR650R demonstrator. I bought it totally stripped it down, had all nuts bolts washers screws all metal parts refinished in gold cad, at the time I had a few parts done in nickel. This bike sometimes has an alloy tank on sometimes has a Monnier tank, over the years tried at least 6 different exhaust systems on it. Here's some of the parts it has on it at the moment:- Front brake four piston gold speed calliper worth 320 Braking wavy disc SRC front fork guards and fork brace Wheels are a brand new with light weight race rims, these are black anodised, gold nipples, heavy duty HD stainless spokes, gold Talon hubs White Bark Buster hand guards with alloy brace and billet handle bar mounts Tag T2 handle bars SuperMoto mirrors supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Braided white brake hoses Large nasty stainless steel foot pegs Polished alloy bash plate and frame guards Yellow high pressure radiator hoses Wavy rear disc Flexi indicators with white lenses supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Exhaust system, full titanium Akropovic, oversized headers, polished to a mirror finish and then blued. Rear silencer is also titanium, this was stripped and shortened by 3 inches for better throttle response, polished and blued Rear sub frame blasted put a mounting plat on for a rear light, re welded then powder coated then fitted with a brand new USA spec genuine Honda mudguard with no bolt hole in the middle Shark Fin monster of a piece of alloy supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Air box took the restrictors out and drilled the side panel at the moment using a flash screen with a uni race filter Alloy fuel cap in black with alloy air vent Rear suspension original shocker better quality oil re-valved and re damped fitted with heavy duty spring powder coated in white, gold koubalink (lowering Link) this drops the back end down 2.5 inches Forks dropped through the yokes 20mm upgraded oil spacers fitted on the front springs fork brace and release valves on top Polished alloy case saver and sprocket cover supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Big polished alloy rads with temperature gauge pressure cap modified to fit the bike with the massive headers supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Ignition switch supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Magnetic frame and engine bolts Stainless frame splash guard this fits under the engine drive sprocket and is mirror finished supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Superprox stealth sprockets non better supplied SPG XR650R.CO.UK Rear foot rests High rev CDI MPH speedo ODI lock on grips SPG seat cover stretch gripper top with vinyl sides, makes the seat an awful lot more comfy Headlight CRF450X with modifying brackets painted in white water based paint also side panels painted in white water based paint gives the bike a really nice finish All alloy parts, kit start, gear lever, rear brake, lever clutch, brake and decompresser all these parts have had casting/manufacturing marks removed and polished on a cannings machine to a mirror finish Fitted with a full nickel pack which is oil lines, steel engine mounts, back brake switch holder, stand, stand mount, rear brake end cap, gear lever end cap, exhaust mount, clutch cable engine mount and much more, all nickel plated in satin silver The engine is fitted with a HRC kit with a matching tuned carb Got a few jobs to do on this bike, have a new set of Wirtz satin black handle bars, I need to fit white SPG hoses, new enduro engineering hand guards, the new SPG swing arm and fork stickers and the matching rim stickers, need to fit a LED rear light (owned it over 10 years and it's still not finished)

This XR650R belongs to Andrew Pimblett (pimmy) It is a 2002 bike, this is a stunning bike This is the limited edition Valentino Rossi MXR650R body kit in yellow with matching seat 909 hand guards alloy braced with alloy oversized mounts Renthal handle bars SuperMoto mirrors supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK SRC fork guards in white with fork brace Gold MotoMaster 4 pot calliper Wavy 320 front disc Braking wavy rear disc Braided hoses Gold Talon Excel wheels stainless spokes nickel nipples supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Regina gold chain and Talon rear gold sprocket Big nasty stainless steel foot rests Alloy frame guard and sump guard Oversized polished radiator supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Blue high pressure radiator hoses Flexi indicators with amber lenses supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Stainless FMF headers super light weight gives loads of bottom end power Yoshi tail pipe mirror finished LED back light with matching modified sub frame Large alloy shark fin supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Polished case saver and chain guard supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK K&N air filter Alloy petrol cap and vent Alloy rear calliper guard Suspension fitted with rear lowering link Rear XR Only chain guide Ignition switch supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK Magnetic engine bolt supplied by SPG XR650R.CO.UK All alloy polished to a mirror finish This bike is fitted with the full nickel plated set Jobs to do:- Fitting it with white brake hoses White radiator hoses Iridium spark plug (will make it start easier, run cleaner and better performance) Full Akropovic stainless steel exhaust system And we are rebuilding the bike with all gold nut, bolts, everything We are fitting it with nickel plated oil lines (this finish just lasts forever)
This has to be one of the trickiest XR's I've ever seen. It started off life as a Monnier MXR650R with Mike Wright MWRacing were Mike did his magic on it. This bike was used in the SuperMoto magazine and tested against the Husaberg and the KTM. This bike out performed and out handled them both. Then Wayne Ollerton got his hands on it. Being Wayne everything as to be perfect and polished. I came across the trickiest front end I have ever seen. CRF450 forks, shortened and re-valved for racing with billet and black anodised EMIG, triple clamps. Of course you then need a very trick brake to match the forks so he fitted a 320 wavy BRAKING disc with a huge 6 pot ISR Endurance rqcing calliper, an ISR matching master cylinder and matching clutch lever assembly. Excel Talon wheels which being Wayne wasn't happy with silver and gold, he wanted the rims powder coated in black and re building with heavy duty spokes. Fitted Tag handle bars and an Acewell digital speedo which is fitted in a one off stainless steel hand fabricated mount which also houses the ignition. Went on to fit big rads, red Samco hoses, race brake hoses, wavy rear disc, one off stainless stand, custom one off chain guard and case saver with his name on, Akropovic titanium full system, one off induction kit with K&N filter (this works fantastic). The graphics on the tank we had made special for this bike with the 680 logo rather than the 650. It is fitted with a comfy seat, this has had a layer of foam cut out of it, replaced with softer foam and an SPG seat cover fitted. LED rear light, Enduro engineering hand guards with billet alloy mounts. It has stainless foot rests, stainless frame guard under sprocket, billet rear shark fin, full nickel kit. What a really low mileage fantastic bike this is. This list on this bike goes on and on, there are bespoke parts everywhere you look, this is a testament to what a fantastic engineer Wayne Ollerton is. Hope you appreciate it has much as I do.

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